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Jun 17, 2020

Hack the Summer!

In this episode I cover the 1983 novelization to WarGames by David Bischoff.

May 23, 2020

It's the 15th anniversary of the third Star Wars prequel, Revenge of the Sith!  So in this episode I break down the novelization to that movie by Matthew Stover.

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode I walk you through the brand new novelization of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker by Rae Carson.  Does it add any context to the movie?  What questions does it answer? 

Mar 11, 2020

On this episode I cover my second TV novelization, which is the sequel to my last TV novelization.  Knight Rider Trust Doesn't Rust by Glen Larson novelizes the Knight Rider episode with KARR, KITT's evil twin!

Feb 14, 2020

On this episode I take a deep dive into The Goonies novelization featuring lots of extra stuff including a giant squid and LEECHES!